Illegal numbers

Why this list

In mine opinion if you buy something you should own it and be able to do with it whatever you want to do with your own hardware. More and more you see that if you buy something there is some kind of EULA that forbids you to reverse engineer of do things with it that the original producer isn’t happy about.  In my world this should still be legal but more and more there is pressure to ban these keys. As you see below some keys are just a number, so companies want to make some numbers illegal to publish. Here is a handy list for illegal numbers, if you find one missing please let me know and I will add this to this list.

Encryption Master Keys

ZigBee ZLL Master key

9F 55 95 F1 02 57 C8 A4 69 CB F4 2B C9 3F EE 31

Needed if you want to make something with a Phillips Heu lamps, source

PS3 LV0 key


Some people want to run their own software on the PS3, to do this key is needed.


09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

Key needed for decrypting or HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs  so you can see them on all devices of your own choice.

Physical Keys

This is less known, there is one importend thing about physical keys. You should NEVER put an photo online, ever. Once online a locksmith or skilled amateur can create a copy of this key from the photo, no need physical  acces to the key itself.

TSA Master keys


Ment for the TSA to open suitcases without breaking the locks.  Github of 3D printed keys can be found here.

NYC master keys

NY, NY. September 27, 2012. For Sunday. EBAY KEYS. (photo by Tamara Beckwith/ NY POST)

Sold online for $150 , this is the set of keys that the  Fire Department New York (FDNY) to gain acces to stairways circuit breakers,  etc. And of course the media put it in the press with a very nice picture.